These types of quotes are all over the web – from Pinterest to fitness blogs to my Facebook feed (every. damn. day.) and I loathe them. I’m not sure why but I have a hard time buying into the whole beliefs system that a fit lifestyle is meant to sell you on.

I am all for bettering yourself. Go for it. But I don’t believe that every person who takes on changing their diet and fitness habits are suddenly happy-go-lucky, uber-optimistic people. I’m not some self-deprecating person with severe depression or anything. I’m a happy, sarcastic, cynical person. So while I’m working on my own diet and fitness routines, I take a much different approach. If I can laugh at myself, it’ll make it all go that much better. Making statements along the lines of “here’s to lifestyle changes!!!” (note: multiple exclamation points must be used) won’t make the changes any easier or believable.


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