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i love food.

Before the weekend, I’d like to get a rant off of my chest. I signed up for a Weight Loss Challenge group in my hometown. It was my mother’s doing, “It’s only $45, I’ll pay, come with me!” So I foolishly said yes. Well, not foolishly, I do enjoy being accountable to someone other than myself. It definitely works as motivation. Weigh-ins are on Thursday. So Wednesday nights, I’m extra good.¬†NO DONUTS, WEIGH-IN AT CULT¬†(yes, I refer to it as Cult)¬†TOMORROW NIGHT. It usually goes along those lines.

Every Thursday, I go for weigh-in and have to stick around for a little “group chat.” From Day 1, I could tell that the woman running it is definitely a CrossFit psycho. The minute she started talking about protein, I knew she was paleo. Sure enough, she is. Strict paleo diet, extreme CrossFit athlete. This is all fine and dandy, I just have issues being in this group because I don’t follow that diet at all. Also worth noting, most of the people in the group are 40+. At 26, I am easily the youngest in the group. I don’t think what she’s teaching is sustainable, especially to a lot of the older crowd. I digress.

To quote last night “Food is not a treat. Food is fuel for the body.” I can say with 100% certainty that I will never feel this way. I’ve been dieting and working out, and still managed to lose weight. I also went to Atlanta last week, and you can bet your ass I had some mac-n-cheese & southern fried chicken. And it was worth every second. I adore food. And good food at that. I feel that the woman running this group has a borderline eating disorder. Closely monitoring everything that goes in, goes out. Doesn’t eat grains. Doesn’t eat fruit (sugar is a “trigger”). I could go on for days.

I’m going to continue what I’m doing, hopefully continue to see results, and I will have chicken wings & beer if I so please. All good things in moderation.


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