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The weekends are usually the hardest part for any person on diet. The lack of routine. The amount of opportunities to go out. But in moderation, I find anyway, it can work.

I love wine. This is not news. But another thing I love is baking. I bake all the time. And while I do enjoy eating it, it’s mostly the activity I enjoy. HOWEVER. If I make a big, amazing pan of Buckeye Brownies (like I did this weekend), I’m almost certain that if I leave them at home, I’ll quickly consume them all.

My trick? Bake on a Sunday and take them to the office on a Monday morning. Maybe you need a bit more self-control, but it does usually work. This way you can allow yourself to have a small piece of whatever delicious goody you’ve put together, but then you can get rid of the rest of them without feeling guilty.

So bake, and unleash the carbs & calories on your colleagues. It’s the way forward.


Buckeye Brownies

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